What, no parseltongue translation?

Harry Potter fans aren’t that nuts, says this article about just how nuts they are. They haven’t, quote, “gone the Star Trek route and translated the works of Shakespeare into parseltongue yet”. Referring of course to the fascination with the Klingon language that has inspired so many a Trekkie/Trekker over the years. (Parseltongue, by the way, is the snake-language of Harry Potter, in case you’re not much of a fan.)

But maybe that’s not so far off, if you look at your Star Trek history. A few words of the Klingon language were specially commissioned for I believe it was the second movie. The producers found a real linguist, Mark Okrand, to do the work. It was a hit, so they included more and more in the movies and the series. And before you knew it, a cult following was born.

Why not in Harry Potter? Stranger things have happened.
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