Slings and Arrows : Somebody tell me if it’s good!

Darnit, Tivo tells me that I don’t get the Sundance channel and thus can’t watch Slings and Arrows over the next few weeks. Check out this blurb from the article:

“Slings & Arrows” takes us backstage at the New Burbage Shakespeare Festival, a fictional setting that will ring hysterically true for anyone who’s spent time in the world of not-for-profit theater. Torn between mercenary corporate sponsors, who want to erect a ”Shakespeare Village” with themed hotels and costumed fudge vendors, and precious artistes who think ”Hamlet” is a dead text that can be revived with pyrotechnics and grunge, the festival is full of familiar but freshly imagined eccentrics. They’re types, but they’re so sharply written that they become real even as they remain laughable.

I can’t believe I’m going to miss that. I have to check more carefully, I thought I had Sundance. Maybe I’m confusing it with the IFC.

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