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Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the interruption, but I’ve got a quick question.  I’ve got a link back in the archives about “Elizabethan recipes and food” that has long been one of my most popular links.  However, according to their statistics nobody’s ever actually bought anything from them.  I’m trying to determine if this is an error on their part, or if it is accurate.  So if there’s anybody out there reading that has in fact bought from the place I’m talking about (I’m no longer bothering to link to them in case the link is in fact bad), could you please let me know?  All I need is confirmation of one person who actually followed the link and bought something to know that there’s a problem on their end.  Normally I’d say no big deal, it’s a rare item that nobody wants, but on the contrary, it’s typically my most popular link, so people do indeed seek the stuff out and follow the link.  But that’s where it stops.  Seems fishy. Thanks!  Again, sorry for the interruption, but I’ve been meaning to ask that for weeks now.

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