Commonwealth Shakespeare On Boston Common : The Blog Not all of you can work on the edge of Boston Common like me and watch the sets go up every day :).  So Christine passed along this link where you can watch Commonwealth Shakespeare blog their production progress! Cooooool. Bonus – scroll down and you’ll even get a peek at some costume sketches.  Neat!

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2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Shakespeare On Boston Common : The Blog

  1. We’ll be down the Cape to see Tempest on Aug 1, so highly unlikely I’ll get the kids to see the Common AYLI. All the more reason to get to see the Rebel show!

  2. i love the fake Facebook profile with his favorite movies. “cool runnings.” heh. totally slayed me.

    i’ll take my daughter on august 2 to go see the play and am hoping to convince a few others from Rebel to go with, as they’ll be doing AYLI around august 18th!

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