Marlowe Seduces….And Then The Faerie Kingdom….Wait, What? You know, I keep seeing Elizabeth Bear’s name, and I keep thinking I’ve read something by her.  But then I realize I’m confusing her with Greg Bear. But maybe I’ve been missing something, if this writeup is any indication of what she typically writes:
This summer sees the release of “The Stratford Man,” a long story published as two novels (Ink and Steel and Heaven and Earth) that reimagines the mystery of Christopher Marlowe’s death as an event that raises the stakes a secret war between factions of the Elizabethan court and the kingdom of Faerie. Oh, and Marlowe seduces William Shakespeare, inspiring him to write… well, that would be telling.   But if he’s inspired to write Midsummer, or the sonnets, I call shenanigans.  EVERYBODY who writes Shakespeare into their fiction seems to work Dream into it. Update: There you go, she’s got a Hugo-nominated short story up in podcast form as we speak.  She’s everywhere.

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