It’s, It’s A PBS Blitz You’ve probably already heard, but the press releases are coming at me fast and furious this week reminded us that PBS has scored the broadcast rights to Sir Ian McKellen’s King Lear and they are shouting it from the rooftops. First off let me start by saying that earlier reports of “airing in late March, check your local listings” will I’m told be Wednesday March 25 – that’s tomorrow people.  So if you haven’t set the DVR yet, get hopping.  (Thanks to bigtimebobdowning for reminded me of that one).  Let us know in the comments if you find it at a different time in your area. Second, I’ve gotten word about the PBS Engage event called “Five Good Questions”.  They are actively soliciting Shakespeare questions for Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library Gail Kern Paster.  Go and check it out, if for nothing else to see that I was first in line to get my question posted ;).  I hope she plugs the blog if my question gets picked 🙂 🙂 :). Busy week!

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