1795 Book Value?

Got a request from a reader how she might go about finding the value of a very old book:

The book is "The Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare" First American Edition Vol. III.
It is printed and sold by Bioren & Madan in MDCCXCV.
It appears it is from a set of 8 books. It is worn with yellowed mottled pages and has some writing in pencil on the inside front & back covers and on some pages. On the title page it has a signature that appears to have been written with a quill pen.

Anybody recognize the description and can offer a background?  Any book collectors got links to the good sites for doing research about such things? Post details here, and I’ll forward back to the original requestor, if she’s not already listening. Thanks!

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3 thoughts on “1795 Book Value?

  1. I have come into posession of William Shakesphere
    "King Richard III" printed in 1923 by Turnbull & Spears

    On the inside cover is printed
    New York E.P Dutton & Co MCMXXIII

    Does anyone know if this book is of any value?


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