Ok, Who Needs Money? [Admin]

Disclaimer : The following is a program being run by my day job. Sorry if it looks like an advertisement, I’m trying to avoid that.

StudentAdvisor.com is giving away $24,000 in college scholarship(*) money beginning April 26.

I do not work for StudentAdvisor, let’s get that out of the way. We are both owned by the same parent company (and by that I mean my day job, not Shakespeare Geek). So I do try to help out by spreading the word where I can, especially when I think it’s of value to my readers.

SA (as we like to call them) is running an all-nighter where they’re awarding $1,000/hour for 24 hours for the best written college reviews:

Don’t forget that quality counts. The StudentAdvisor team will only pick the best reviews, so don’t be shy! Be funny, be passionate, be insightful, or be inspiring! Whether you loved or hated your college you have the floor to tell future students the kind of stuff they can’t find out from the school brochure. So what are you waiting for? Go write that review!

I’m told that helpful and honest are the most important qualities they look for in a review – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and sneak in a Shakespeare reference or two, or even just go all out and write a review in iambic pentameter. Since the folks running the show are literally so close we could throw things at each other, I’m sure that any Shakey references will not go unnoticed :).

Disclaimer again : I have no hand in choosing the winners, whether you mention Shakespeare or not.

(*) You don’t have to be a currently enrolled college student, or have college-aged kids, to enter. It is clearly a very college-oriented contest (hence scholarships) but really the only requirement to enter and win is that you write a quality review of your college.

So stop reading and go check it out! Even if you don’t win, you can still provide some valuable wisdom for others who are trying to decide whether to go to your particular school. If you check out Worcester Polytech, you’ll see my review already there :).

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