What Kind Of Performances Are You Seeing?!

Funny story time.

I was hanging out on a forum that has nothing to do with Shakespeare (more of an entrepreneurial, side-hustle kind of thing).  Since it was definitely not a Shakespeare crowd I decided to ask, “What do you think of when I say the name Shakespeare?”

I got the usual results – “boring”, “old”, “classic”, “exciting”, “men in tights”, “Shakespeare in the park” and so on.  I engaged a few people in conversation, and like these things often do, everything just kind of tapered off.

But then a few days later somebody posted and wrote, “Exhausting.”

So I responded, “Watching it, or performing it?”

And she replied, “All of it. I’ve tried the videos.I can’t believe the poses they expect you to get into. And then when you actually go, somebody’s always coming around and touching you, and that makes me really uncomfortable.”

Wait, what?

Turns out she was talking about yoga.  She’d responded to the wrong thread.

Too bad, for a minute there I was fascinated by what kind of productions she’d been seeing!


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