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Be not afraid of greatness, because once you achieve greatness, somebody not as great as you will come along and try to steal your ideas.

Thank you, loyal fans, for supporting Shakespeare Geek by purchasing our merchandise.  It is an unfortunate side effect of getting good at this kind of thing that for every person who tries to create something original that people might want, there’s a dozen who just want to take the easy road, steal the idea, and make a buck for themselves.  As our merchandise becomes more successful, so too will the cheap rip-off copies.  This page will serve as the master list of all the original stuff that I personally have created.  If you want to support the site, please consider clicking through the links you find on this page. I can’t always promise that by googling or searching Amazon for a phrase you liked that you’ll always end up with the original.  It’s a shame, but it’s a fact of life.  Hey, at least those folks are providing us free advertising!