Look At All The Shakespeare Movies!

I’m normally on top of the new Shakespeare movies coming out, but this article about “rebooted Shakespeare” hints at a few I didn’t know about:

  • Anonymous. Enough said.
  • Coriolanus.  Yup.
  • Al Pacino’s King LearHeard about it, didn’t know it was still going forward.
  • How about another Richard III (courtesy of Mr. Pacino
    ), entitled Pell Mell and set in the 1960’s?
  • Maybe Romeo and Juliet retold (what, again?) this time about a Jewish family versus an Italian family.  Wait…do Jews and Italians have an ancient grudge I didn’t know about?
  • Then there’s Rosaline, which we’ve mentioned.
  • Or Hamlet told from Ophelia’s point of view?  Insert joke here about that movie only being half as long as Hamlet, and getting really confusing at the end ;).

(Anybody needs me I’ll be off teaching Bardfilm‘s classes, because I’m apparently already doing half his job anyway so I might as well do the other half!  🙂  I kid, KJ.

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