Share Shakespeare and WIN The Tempest on DVD!

We haven’t done a contest in a while.  I have three (3) copies of The Tempest (2010) starring Helen Mirren and Russell Brand, directed by Julie Taymor.  This one caused a great deal of discussion when it came out!  Here’s a great opportunity to add it to your home collection.

How To Enter

  1. Download the free ShakeShare app from the Apple iTunes Store. It produces artistic renderings of Shakespeare quotes and #hashtag games, suitable for sharing.
  2. You generate quotes one of three ways:
    1. Shake it.
    2. Swipe back and forth (left and right).  Right to left brings up new quotes.  Left to right goes back in case you liked a previous one better.
    3. Bring up the toolbar by pressing the image, and select the Refresh icon.  This method allows you to keep the image you like and generate a new quote, or the other way around – keep the quote and find a better image.  (You can also use the Camera icon to select one of your own existing pictures if you prefer!)
  3. Find a quote from The Tempest.   It can be a quote from the source, or one of our jokes that makes reference to the play or its characters. I promise they are in there, but you’ll have to go looking!
  4. Share it, in one or more of the following ways:
    1. Post it to Twitter!  This feature is built directly into the app. Just bring up the toolbar (press the image until the toolbar appears), select the Share icon, and tweet away.  You may notice that this feature is associated with the account @ShakeShareable — that’s ok, that’s me too.   UPDATE – Some users are reporting trouble with the Share on Twitter function. If you have trouble please save the photo as use the regular Twitter app to post it (making sure to include @ShakeShareable so I see it) and let me know in the comments!)
    2. Post it to the Shakespeare Geek Facebook page.  To do this you’ll want to use the “Save to Photos” feature (also found under the “Share” icon), but from there you’ll need to go to the Facebook app and take it from there.  I will get an alert when you post.
    3. Pin it on Pinterest.  Same way – save your creation to photos, and then use the Pinterest app to make it public.  For this option you’ll need to let me know that you’ve done it (either via email or Twitter, your choice). 
  5. Your name goes in the hat for every quote and for every share.  So if you find one quote and share it 3 times, you get 3 entries — but if you find 3 quotes and share those 3 times you get 9 entries!  And I’m not saying how many are in there :).
  6. Repeating somebody else’s quotes are allowed, this is not a case of “whoever finds it first”.  Odds are almost certain that the artistic representation that you get will not be the same as somebody else’s.
  7. I’ll choose 3 winners at random from the total number of eligible entries.
  8. Open to US residents only, I’m afraid.  They are US region DVD anyway so you might not even be able to use them in other countries.
I will collect all the entries on 11:59PM EST March 31, 2013 (a Sunday night) and draw the winners on April 1, 2013.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy the app.  If you do enjoy it and you have the time, I’d love it if you could leave a review in the app store.  Some sites will try to make that part a requirement to entering the contest, but that doesn’t seem fair to me.  Review the app if you enjoy it and want to see more like it, but I can’t force you.

Good luck, start searching for Tempest quotes, and share Shakespeare!

2 thoughts on “Share Shakespeare and WIN The Tempest on DVD!

  1. The share to twitter function isn't working! Can we just tweet you the photo of the quote?

  2. Absolutely, Noah!

    And, why isn't it working?! That's disheartening. I have the app on my device and use it regularly. Do you have the latest update? There was definitely a "twitter fails on long quotes" bug that should have been fixed a little while ago.

    Thanks for letting me know!

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