As You Like It

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Audrey is a character in William Shakespeare's play As You Like It. While she may not be one of the main characters, Audrey plays an important role in adding depth and complexity to the story. She is a simple country girl, often described as being of "low birth". However, Audrey's character offers a unique perspective on love, relationships, and societal expectations.

Throughout the play, Audrey is portrayed as a naive and innocent young woman. She is easily swayed by others' opinions and often finds herself caught up in the drama and chaos of the Forest of Arden. Despite her lack of sophistication, Audrey possesses a genuine and kind-hearted nature, which endears her to the audience.

Audrey's Relationship with Touchstone

One of the most significant aspects of Audrey's character is her relationship with the court jester, Touchstone. While Touchstone is known for his wit and humor, Audrey sees past his fa├žade and genuinely falls in love with him. Their relationship represents a stark contrast to the romantic entanglements of the other characters in the play.

Audrey's relationship with Touchstone is unconventional, to say the least. While she may not fully understand the complexities of love, Audrey's innocence and lack of pretense make their relationship refreshing and genuine. Despite the disapproval of others, Audrey remains steadfast in her love for Touchstone, proving that true love knows no societal boundaries.

Throughout the play, Audrey serves as a symbol of authenticity and simplicity. While the other characters are caught up in matters of courtly love and social status, Audrey remains true to herself and her feelings. She challenges the expectations placed upon her by society and shows that love can transcend societal norms.

In conclusion, Audrey may not be the most prominent character in As You Like It, but her presence adds depth and authenticity to the play. Her innocence, genuine nature, and unconventional relationship with Touchstone make her a memorable character. Audrey's story serves as a reminder that love can be found in unexpected places and that it is the authenticity of one's feelings that truly matters.