As You Like It

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Hymen is a character in William Shakespeare's play As You Like It. Although he only appears in the final act of the play, Hymen plays a significant role in the resolution of the various romantic entanglements that occur throughout the story. As the god of marriage in Greek mythology, Hymen symbolizes the union of lovers and the celebration of love.

In As You Like It, Hymen makes his entrance during the grand finale, where he brings together all the couples who have been separated and lost in the Forest of Arden. With his arrival, he restores order and happiness to the characters and ensures that love triumphs in the end. As a divine being, Hymen's appearance signifies the divine intervention that brings about the resolution of the play's conflicts and the restoration of harmony.

The Symbol of Love and Marriage

Hymen's role as the god of marriage emphasizes the importance of love and union in As You Like It. His presence represents the power of love to overcome obstacles and unite people. Hymen's intervention in the play not only resolves the romantic dilemmas but also highlights the transformative power of love. Through his character, Shakespeare reminds us that love has the ability to heal, reconcile, and bring joy to our lives.

Furthermore, Hymen's appearance in the play serves as a commentary on the nature of marriage itself. In a time when arranged marriages were common, Shakespeare uses Hymen to advocate for the idea that true love should be the foundation of any marriage. By bringing together the couples who are genuinely in love, Hymen reinforces the notion that marriage should be based on mutual affection and understanding.

Overall, Hymen's character in As You Like It embodies the themes of love, marriage, and the transformative power of both. His divine presence and intervention ensure that love triumphs and that the characters find their happily ever after. As the god of marriage, Hymen serves as a reminder that love is a powerful force that can overcome all obstacles and bring happiness to those who embrace it.