As You Like It

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Le Beau

Le Beau is a character in William Shakespeare's play As You Like It. While he may not be one of the main characters, Le Beau's presence adds depth and comedic relief to the story. He serves as a courtier in Duke Frederick's court and is tasked with various duties, including delivering messages and providing entertainment.

Le Beau is known for his eloquent speech and refined manners. He is well-versed in courtly etiquette and is often seen wearing extravagant clothing that reflects his high status. His appearance and mannerisms make him stand out amongst the other characters, and he is often viewed as a symbol of the courtly life.

Le Beau's Role in the Play

Le Beau's role in the play is primarily that of a messenger and informant. He is often entrusted with delivering important messages to various characters, which leads to interesting encounters and plot developments. Le Beau's loyalty to Duke Frederick is evident throughout the play as he remains committed to serving his master.

However, Le Beau's loyalty is tested when he witnesses the mistreatment of Rosalind, the daughter of Duke Senior. Despite his position in the court, Le Beau has a kind heart and sympathizes with Rosalind. This moment showcases a more compassionate side to his character and adds depth to his personality.

In addition to his role as a messenger, Le Beau also provides comic relief in the play. His witty remarks and humorous observations often lighten the mood and create a contrast to the more serious events taking place. His presence on stage brings a sense of levity and entertainment to the audience.

While Le Beau may not have a major impact on the overall plot of As You Like It, his character adds richness and complexity to the play. His loyalty, wit, and charm make him a memorable supporting character who contributes to the overall enjoyment of the story.