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The character of Messenger in the play Coriolanus is a crucial figure in the unfolding of events. While not a major character, the Messenger plays a significant role in delivering important news and messages throughout the play. As an emissary between various characters, the Messenger acts as a catalyst for the progression of the plot.

In Coriolanus, the Messenger is portrayed as a loyal servant, dedicated to his duty of conveying information accurately and efficiently. Whether it is delivering messages from the Roman senators to the protagonist, Coriolanus, or bringing news from the enemy Volscians, the Messenger is always at the forefront of communication.

Act 3: The Turning Point

One of the most notable moments for the Messenger occurs in Act 3 of the play. This is a crucial turning point in the story, where the Messenger delivers important news that influences the decisions and actions of the main characters. In this pivotal scene, the Messenger brings word to Coriolanus about the Volscians' plans to attack Rome, which has a significant impact on the subsequent events and the fate of the characters.

The Messenger's role in Coriolanus highlights the importance of effective communication and the power of information. Without the Messenger's timely delivery of crucial messages, the plot would not progress as smoothly, and the characters' decisions and actions would be based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

The Messenger's character is not explored in great depth, as the focus of the play is primarily on the protagonist and the political turmoil in ancient Rome. However, the Messenger's presence is essential in highlighting the interconnectedness of the characters and their reliance on communication to navigate the complex web of political intrigue.

In conclusion, the character of Messenger in Coriolanus serves as a vital link in the chain of events, delivering important news and messages that shape the decisions and actions of the main characters. While not a central character, the Messenger's role is integral to the progression of the plot and emphasizes the significance of effective communication in navigating political turmoil.