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Cloten is a character in Shakespeare's play Cymbeline. He is the stepson of Queen Hecuba and the stepbrother of Imogen, the princess of Britain. Cloten is depicted as a brash and arrogant young man, who is known for his foolish behavior and lack of intelligence.

Cloten is often seen as a foil to the other characters in the play, particularly Imogen and Posthumus. While Imogen and Posthumus are portrayed as virtuous and noble, Cloten is shown to be morally corrupt and morally bankrupt. He is driven by his own desires and lacks any sense of honor or integrity.

Appearance and Personality

Cloten is described as a tall and physically imposing man with a brutish demeanor. He is often seen dressed in extravagant clothing, which reflects his arrogant and self-centered nature. Cloten is known for his quick temper and tendency to resort to violence when things do not go his way.

Despite his outward appearance, Cloten is shown to be intellectually inferior to the other characters in the play. He is often seen making foolish and nonsensical remarks, which adds a comedic element to the play. Cloten is also depicted as a womanizer, constantly pursuing Imogen and making inappropriate advances towards her.

Role in the Play

Cloten's primary role in the play is to serve as an antagonist to the other characters, particularly Imogen and Posthumus. He is driven by his jealousy of Posthumus, who is Imogen's true love, and seeks to win Imogen's affections for himself. Cloten's actions throughout the play contribute to the overall conflict and tension that unfolds.

Despite his negative traits, Cloten's character provides comic relief in the play. His foolish behavior and ridiculous attempts to win Imogen's love often result in humorous and absurd situations. This adds a lighthearted element to the play, balancing out the more serious and dramatic moments.

In conclusion, Cloten is a complex and multi-dimensional character in Shakespeare's Cymbeline. He is depicted as a brash and arrogant young man, driven by his own desires and lacking in intelligence. Cloten's role in the play serves as an antagonist and a source of comic relief, adding depth and complexity to the overall storyline.