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Voltemand is a minor character in William Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet. Although his role is relatively small, Voltemand plays an important part in the political affairs of the play. He is a diplomat and envoy for the King of Denmark, Claudius, and is sent on a mission to deliver a message to the King of Norway, Fortinbras.

Voltemand is described as a loyal and obedient servant of the king. He carries out his duties with efficiency and professionalism, always putting the interests of the kingdom first. He is known for his diplomatic skills and ability to negotiate with foreign powers.

One of Voltemand's key moments in the play occurs in Act 1, Scene 2, when he is sent by Claudius to deliver a message to the King of Norway. The message urges the King of Norway to restrain his nephew, Fortinbras, who is planning an invasion of Denmark. Voltemand delivers the message with tact and diplomacy, successfully convincing the King of Norway to halt Fortinbras' military campaign.

Voltemand's Loyalty to the King

Voltemand's loyalty to the king is evident throughout the play. He carries out his missions without question, and his dedication to the crown is unwavering. This loyalty is showcased in Act 2, Scene 2, when he returns to Denmark to deliver news of his successful negotiation with the King of Norway. Voltemand reports to Claudius that the King of Norway has agreed to restrain Fortinbras and ensure peace between the two kingdoms.

Voltemand's character serves as a contrast to the more complex and morally ambiguous characters in the play, such as Hamlet and Claudius. While Hamlet is consumed by his quest for revenge and Claudius is driven by power and self-interest, Voltemand remains steadfast in his commitment to his duties as a diplomat and servant of the king.

In conclusion, Voltemand may be a minor character in Hamlet," but his role as a loyal and skilled diplomat is significant. His obedience, loyalty, and diplomatic skills make him an important player in the political affairs of the play. While other characters may be caught up in their own personal dramas, Voltemand remains focused on serving the interests of the kingdom.