Henry VI, Part 2

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Walter Whitmore

Walter Whitmore is a character in the play Henry VI, Part 2, written by William Shakespeare. He is a loyal servant of the Duke of Suffolk and plays a significant role in the political turmoil that unfolds in the play.

Whitmore is known for his fierce loyalty and dedication to his master. He carries out the Duke of Suffolk's orders without question, making him a trusted and valuable ally. Despite being a minor character, Whitmore's actions have a profound impact on the overall plot.

One of the most notable scenes involving Whitmore occurs in Act 4, Scene 1. Here, he is tasked with capturing the rebel leader Jack Cade. Whitmore successfully apprehends Cade and brings him before the Duke of Suffolk, showcasing his skill and loyalty as a servant.

The Death of Walter Whitmore

In Act 4, Scene 7, Whitmore meets his tragic end. He is entrusted with guarding Margaret of Anjou, the Queen of England, after her capture. However, Margaret, known for her cunning and manipulative nature, manages to convince Whitmore to release her.

Whitmore's decision to release Margaret proves to be fatal. As soon as she is free, Margaret orders her soldiers to attack Whitmore, resulting in his untimely demise. His loyalty and trust are ultimately his downfall.

Walter Whitmore's character serves as a representation of unwavering loyalty and devotion. He is a faithful servant to the Duke of Suffolk until the very end, even if it costs him his life. His actions contribute to the larger themes of power, manipulation, and the consequences of blind loyalty explored throughout the play.