Measure for Measure

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Friar Thomas

Friar Thomas is a complex and intriguing character in Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure. While he may not be one of the main characters, his presence and actions play a significant role in the development of the plot and the resolution of the play.

Friar Thomas is introduced as a wise and knowledgeable friar who resides in Vienna. He is known for his virtue and his ability to guide others in times of moral dilemma. When the Duke of Vienna decides to leave the city and appoints Angelo as his deputy, Friar Thomas becomes an important ally for the Duke in his plan to observe the actions of Angelo and the other characters.

One of the key moments in the play where Friar Thomas shines is when he comes up with a plan to help Isabella, a young novice who seeks his guidance. Isabella's brother, Claudio, has been sentenced to death by Angelo for impregnating his fiancée before marriage. Isabella pleads with Friar Thomas to help her save her brother's life.

Friar Thomas's Plan

Friar Thomas devises a plan where Isabella will agree to Angelo's proposition of sleeping with him in exchange for Claudio's release. However, the friar arranges for Mariana, Angelo's former fiancée whom he abandoned, to take Isabella's place in the dark. This plan not only exposes Angelo's hypocrisy but also ensures Claudio's freedom.

Throughout the play, Friar Thomas serves as a moral compass, guiding the characters towards redemption and justice. He acts as a confidant, offering advice and support to those who seek his guidance. His wisdom and insight are evident as he navigates the intricate web of deceit and manipulation that unfolds in the play.

Despite his limited stage time, Friar Thomas leaves a lasting impression on the audience. His actions and words remind us of the importance of forgiveness, mercy, and the power of redemption. He represents the voice of reason and serves as a reminder that every individual has the capacity to change and grow.

In conclusion, Friar Thomas is a significant character in Measure for Measure. His role as a guiding force and his ability to devise clever plans make him an integral part of the play's narrative. Shakespeare's portrayal of Friar Thomas showcases his understanding of human nature and his belief in the power of redemption.