Measure for Measure

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Meet the enigmatic character, Messenger, from William Shakespeare's timeless play, Measure for Measure. Although Messenger's role may seem small in comparison to the other characters, their presence is essential in driving the plot forward and delivering crucial messages throughout the play.

Messenger is a minor character who appears in Act II, Scene 1 of Measure for Measure. They are employed by the Duke of Vienna, Vincentio, to deliver important letters and announcements to various characters in the play. As the name suggests, Messenger's primary function is to relay information and act as a conduit between the different characters in the story.

A Trusted Messenger

Messenger is portrayed as a reliable and trustworthy individual who is entrusted with sensitive information by the Duke. They are responsible for delivering the Duke's letter to Angelo, the deputy ruler of Vienna, which outlines the Duke's departure and Angelo's new authority. This letter sets in motion the events that follow, including Angelo's strict enforcement of the laws and the subsequent conflicts that arise.

Throughout the play, Messenger proves their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering messages promptly and accurately. Their ability to navigate the complex web of interpersonal relationships and political intrigues showcases their resourcefulness and adaptability as a messenger.

Messenger's presence in Measure for Measure highlights the importance of communication and the power of information. As the play explores themes of justice, morality, and corruption, Messenger's role becomes increasingly significant in conveying the consequences of the characters' actions and decisions.

Despite their limited stage time, Messenger's character adds depth to the play's narrative structure. They provide a necessary link between the different storylines, ensuring that the audience is kept abreast of the unfolding events. Messenger's appearances serve as a reminder that even the smallest of roles can have a profound impact on the overall storytelling.

In conclusion, Messenger may be a minor character in Measure for Measure, but their role as a trusted messenger is vital to the progression of the play. From delivering crucial letters to facilitating communication between characters, Messenger's presence reinforces the significance of effective communication and the power it holds in shaping the events of the story.