Pericles, Prince of Tyre

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Leonine, a character in the play Pericles, Prince of Tyre, is a loyal and devoted servant to the wicked Queen Dionyza. Although his role may seem minor, Leonine's actions play a significant part in the overall plot of the play.

Leonine is depicted as a cunning and ruthless individual, willing to carry out any task assigned to him by Queen Dionyza, no matter how morally questionable it may be. He is known for his sly nature and his ability to manipulate others to achieve his goals.

Leonine's Role in the Play

One pivotal moment involving Leonine occurs when he is ordered by Queen Dionyza to murder Marina, the daughter of Pericles. This horrifying task showcases Leonine's loyalty to his queen and his willingness to carry out her bidding, regardless of the consequences.

However, Leonine's plan to kill Marina is foiled when a group of pirates attack him. This unexpected turn of events not only saves Marina's life but also sets in motion a series of events that ultimately lead to the redemption of the play's protagonist, Pericles.

Although Leonine's character is not explored in great detail, his actions serve as a reminder of the darkness that can lurk within seemingly ordinary individuals. His role as an antagonist adds tension and suspense to the play, and his ultimate failure highlights the triumph of good over evil.

Leonine's character is a testament to Shakespeare's skill in creating complex and multifaceted individuals. Despite his limited stage time, Leonine's presence is felt throughout the play and contributes to the overall thematic development.