Richard III

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Sir Robert Brakenbury

Brakenbury's Moral Dilemma

Brakenbury's moral dilemma is a crucial element in the play, highlighting the conflict between loyalty and personal ethics. This internal struggle adds depth to Brakenbury's character, showing that he is not simply a mindless follower, but a man with a conscience. Despite his refusal to execute the princes, Brakenbury remains loyal to Richard III, continuing to serve him faithfully. This unwavering loyalty is a testament to Brakenbury's character, demonstrating his commitment to his duties and his respect for authority. Brakenbury's presence in Richard III serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there are individuals who strive to uphold their principles. His moral compass and unwavering loyalty make him a notable character in the play, providing a contrast to the treachery and deceit of Richard and his cohorts. In conclusion, Sir Robert Brakenbury is a loyal and honorable character in William Shakespeare's Richard III. As the Lieutenant of the Tower of London, he remains steadfast in his duty to the king, despite his internal struggle with Richard's villainous acts. Brakenbury's moral dilemma adds depth to his character and serves as a reminder of the importance of personal ethics, even in the face of adversity.