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The Tempest - Royal Shakespeare Company
On a distant island, a man waits. Robbed of his position, power and wealth, his enemies have left him in isolation. But this is no ordinary man, and this is no ordinary island.


The Tempest, starring Helen Mirren
Prospera uses her magical powers to guide a ship and settle a score.
BBC Television Shakespeare: The Tempest
BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare. Michael Hordern and Derek Godfrey star. Exiled, Prospero lives on a desolate island with his daughter, Miranda. When Prospero's usurping brother sails by the island, Prospero conjures a storm that wrecks the ship and changes all of their lives.


The Tempest (Folger Shakespeare Library) Mass Market Paperback
The Tempest (No Fear Shakespeare) (Volume 5) Paperback
The Tempest: A Norton Critical Edition (Norton Critical Editions)


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