Happy Anniversary, Romeo and Juliet?

According to many “this day in history” sites March 11, 1302 is Romeo and Juliet’s wedding anniversary.

It’s not. In the opening scenes Lady Capulet tells us that it is “a fortnight and odd days until Lammas-tide”, which puts the play’s timeline in July.

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One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Romeo and Juliet?

  1. Ridiculous! At least as far as Shakespeare is concerned. From the Nurse and Lady Capulet we learn that the play takes place somewhere between fifteen or nineteen days away from “Lammas eve” – which is July 31st. Lammas is not Easter, it’s “loaf-mass” day, a harvest celebration that takes place August 1st. So Romeo & Juliet’s wedding day is actually during the week of July 12th-19th.
    So, they must be dating the marriage from Luigi da Porto’s earlier version, that has the couple marrying during Lent. Hmmm. Does anyone read da Porto anymore? I mean, besides me?

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