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Over nearly two decades, the Shakespeare blog known as Shakespeare Geek has produced over three thousand posts celebrating everything Shakespeare. Of course, we have the expected analysis of the plays and sonnets, book and product reviews, and pop culture references. But we’ve also been busy creating original Shakespeare jokes, games, and educational material. We’re here to prove that Shakespeare makes life better.

If A Shakespeare Blog Did Not Exist, It Would Be Necessary To Create One

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In 2005, I went looking for an online place to discuss all things Shakespeare. Maybe I saw a reference in a movie or heard a funny joke. Or maybe I had a question or an exciting interpretation of a scene that I wanted to share. At the time, I couldn’t find that place, so I created it here.

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Recent Posts

  • For as long as I’ve been into Shakespeare, I’ve wondered about games based on Shakespeare. I own a lot of Shakespeare games, from Bards Against Humanity to Shakespeare Trivial Pursuit. But video games? That’s a different story. It takes a lot of effort to make a video game. You’ve got to decide the style – […]
  • Do Shakespeare plays make the perfect rom-com IP? Thus asks Entertainment Weekly, riding the wave of Shakespeare articles let by the success of Sydney Sweeney’s Anyone But You. This is what I’ve been saying! So glad to see similar thinking. I’ve written several times that I was pleasantly surprised to find the amount of Shakespeare […]
  • I love Shakespeare merchandise. A long time ago I came up with the term “decorating your life” with the things you love. This is kind of like my introvert’s version of manifesting — when people into my sphere of influence they see the Shakespeare and presto, we’ve got something to talk about. I make new […]
  • For as long as I’ve been doing this, people have wanted to discuss whether Shakespeare was gay. And Christopher Marlowe (although I think there’s more agreement there). Then there’s the debate about whether half the individual characters in Shakespeare’s works were trying to tell us something. But I seem to have ultimately missed the idea […]
  • Saying something is cringe is cringe, old man. Bea, Anyone But You This interview with Will Gluck, director of Much Ado About Nothing adaptation Anyone But You, caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. The director “breaks his silence” over the “Shakespeare cringe scenes.” Shakespeare is the cringe part? Really? This is a movie […]
  • Paul Giamatti is all over my newsfeeds this morning, and not just for his Oscar-nominated turn in The Holdovers. It seems that Mr. Giamatti has joined the ranks of celebrities having their genealogy researched, and … we have a Shakespeare sighting, people! Specifically, Giamatti appears to be a direct descendant of Malcolm III. “I learned […]
  • Which Shakespeare character should be cemented among the stars? Astronomers are naming Uranus' new moon after a Shakespeare character!

Shakespeare Makes Life Better

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The expression “Shakespeare makes life better” refers to the enduring popularity and relevance of William Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. Despite being written over 400 years ago, Shakespeare’s works continue to captivate audiences around the world with their timeless themes of love, power, ambition, and morality. His characters, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Lady Macbeth, are iconic and have become part of the cultural lexicon.

Shakespeare’s plays are not just entertainment but also offer insight into the human condition, providing commentary on social and political issues that remain relevant today. They have been adapted and reinterpreted in countless ways, from film adaptations to modern retellings, demonstrating the universality of his work.

Moreover, Shakespeare’s language and poetry are celebrated for their beauty, complexity, and versatility. His mastery of language and the human psyche has influenced countless writers and artists throughout history.

Overall, Shakespeare’s works continue to enrich our lives and offer us new perspectives on the world around us, making us laugh, cry, and think deeply about our own lives and experiences. Some people may think that a Shakespeare blog is a relic of the past. Well, technically so is Shakespeare, and we still think he’s pretty relevant. We’re not going anywhere.