The Original Shakespeare Blog

Shakespeare Geek - The Original Shakespeare BlogI call this site the original Shakespeare blog for a good reason. Way way back in 2005, I wanted to talk about Shakespeare. I’d heard some kind of Shakespeare reference on the radio, I think it was on Howard Stern actually, and I was driving to work thinking, “Who do I know that would get that reference?”

Turns out, not too many people.  As a life-long computer geek I went to an engineering school, got a computer science degree, and worked behind the scenes building web sites. I wasn’t surrounded by Shakespeare people.

I went looking for other people who wanted to talk about Shakespeare in the same way that I did. I’m not an actor and I don’t have my degree in literature. I’m actually a life long computer geek. I just happen to love Shakespeare. I don’t fit the mold. Surely I can’t be the only one? Turns out I’m not.

At the time, blogs were big. But there were no Shakespeare blogs. There were plenty of places where I could read the text, and plenty of places where you could get a “modern translation” of the text. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted people saying, excitedly, “The new Halo commercial features the band of brothers speech from Henry V,” or, “I heard that Elton John produced a full length animated of Romeo and Juliet.”  (Both true, by the way.)

Such Shakespeare Stuff

So I created the very first Shakespeare blog.  At the time I wasn’t even calling it Shakespeare Geek, I called it Such Shakespeare Stuff, a play on “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” from The Tempest.  But that was pretty long for a title. Over time I realized I was calling myself a Shakespeare geek because it did the best job describing how I approached the subject. I’m not a professional or an academic. But words like “fan” or “hobbyist” didn’t sound right.  All my life people have called me a computer “geek”, so much so that I’ve come to embrace the term as a positive.

Welcome To The Original Shakespeare Blog

Often imitated, never duplicated. Over three thousand posts and no signs of ever stopping.  As our mission statement goes, “Shakespeare makes life better.”  Why would I ever stop?