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Over nearly two decades, the Shakespeare blog known as Shakespeare Geek has produced over three thousand posts celebrating everything Shakespeare. Of course, we have the expected analysis of the plays and sonnets as well as book and product reviews and pop culture references. But we’ve also been busy creating original Shakespeare jokes, games, and educational material. We’re here to prove that Shakespeare makes life better.

If A Shakespeare Blog Did Not Exist, It Would Be Necessary To Create One

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In 2005, I went looking for a place online where I could talk about all things Shakespeare. Maybe I saw a reference in a movie or heard a funny joke. Or maybe I had a question or an interesting interpretation of a scene that I wanted to share. At the time, I couldn’t find that place. So, I created it here.

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  • My collection of interesting Shakespeare stuff continues to grow! I've made jigsaw puzzles with more pieces, but the three-dimensional aspect of this one took some real patience.
  • Move over, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen — there’s a new Marvel hero nipping at your heels to tread the Shakespearean boards. Spiderman himself, Tom Holland. I wish more of these were filmed. On the one hand, I get the allure of live theatre, but at the same time, […]
  • Disclaimer – I was sent a press release, I have not personally read these books. My kids are a little old for the intended audience now, anyway. But they’re legit free, at least for an introductory period, so it’s an opportunity to grab them if you’re looking for some material for the 6 – 12 […]
  • While Romeo and Juliet is arguably Shakespeare’s most famous work, casual fans rarely know that few of Shakespeare’s plots were original. The tale of the star-cross’d lovers dates back at least to The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet, by Arthur Brooke (1562). His, in turn, was based either on an Italian novella by Matteo […]
  • I love this idea for a list, courtesy ScreenRant – Top Julia Stiles Shakespeare Movies. Of course, she only made 3, so it’s a very short list – Hamlet, O (Othello), and 10 Things I Hate About You (Taming of the Shrew). The math geek in me wants to say that only leaves 6 possible […]
  • We talk a lot about Macbeth in my house lately. My daughter’s kind of obsessed with it. So when Macbeth content appears on my radar, I play closer attention than perhaps I’d been doing. Today I saw a reference to her suicide, and I thought about Ophelia. Was Ophelia self-aware enough to have deliberately committed […]
  • If you start listing actors famous for their voices, two things are guaranteed to be true — Morgan Freeman will be on that list, and most of them have done Shakespeare. Patrick Stewart, Orson Welles, James Earl Jones, Alan Rickman … … but wait, where exactly is Morgan Freeman on that list? I hadn’t stopped […]

Shakespeare Makes Life Better

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The expression “Shakespeare makes life better” refers to the enduring popularity and relevance of William Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. Despite being written over 400 years ago, Shakespeare’s works continue to captivate audiences around the world with their timeless themes of love, power, ambition, and morality. His characters, such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Lady Macbeth, are iconic and have become part of the cultural lexicon.

Shakespeare’s plays are not just entertainment but also offer insight into the human condition, providing commentary on social and political issues that remain relevant today. They have been adapted and reinterpreted in countless ways, from film adaptations to modern retellings, demonstrating the universality of his work.

Moreover, Shakespeare’s language and poetry are celebrated for their beauty, complexity, and versatility. His mastery of language and the human psyche has influenced countless writers and artists throughout history.

Overall, Shakespeare’s works continue to enrich our lives and offer us new perspectives on the world around us, making us laugh, cry, and think deeply about our own lives and experiences. Some people may think that a Shakespeare blog is a relic of the past. Well, technically so is Shakespeare, and we still think he’s pretty relevant. We’re not going anywhere.