BiblioShakespeare: Shakespeare Challenge

BiblioShakespeare: Shakespeare Challenge
Up for a challenge? Biblioshake’s got people worked up about 6 months to read four books *about* Shakespeare. That’s a little different. Can I count Shakespeare Wars, since I’m halfway through it already? I may have to invest this Christmas in a few of the more “novel” biographies that try to breathe a little bit more life into old Will and not just present everything as dry academic stuff.

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4 thoughts on “BiblioShakespeare: Shakespeare Challenge

  1. I’ve enjoyed browsing through your blog. I will have to send my sister over you way, she also loves Shakespeare. thanks for stopping by my place with my humble little post about Shakespeare.

  2. Oh and for the challenge (which doesnt start until January 1st) you ARE allowed to read the plays and sonnets if you choose. You do not HAVE to read the novels.


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