Ophelia Learns To Swim [Film Trailer]

http://thewomandirector.podbean.com/2007/11/09/ophelia-learns-to-swim-trailer/ Naturally the title caught my eye.  The film in question is a comedy from director Jurgen Vsych (The Woman Director) and starring Julia Lee (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), now available on DVD.  From IMDB:  A wimpy girl turns Superheroine when she joins bankrupt Mother Nature, The Librarian & the Chocolatier to battle wealthy villains Virginia Svelte, Cosmetic Chick & The Doucher. It apparently has little to do with Shakespeare other than the title.  I do see a character named Hamlet, and “Ophelia’s Dad” is not listed as Polonius.  There’s no Shakespeare in the trailer.  But who knows, maybe it sounds interesting to somebody out there.  Or maybe it’s going to catch your eye like it did mine and you’re wondering if there’s a Shakespeare connection. 

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2 thoughts on “Ophelia Learns To Swim [Film Trailer]

  1. I am the writer-director of OPHELIA LEARNS TO SWIM.

    Au contraire – I have TWO Hamlets in the film, plus Laertes (“Larry”)…I even threw in one of the witches from MacBeth!

    I was very inspired by my work with Sir Jonathan Miller, the English director, and the interpretation of Ophelia.

    DVDs for sale at http://thewomandirector.com

    PS to Shakespeare Geek – Feb 12, my new book “What Was Ralph Nader Thinking? is released. There are references to HAMLET in that…of course!

    Jurgen Vsych

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