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It’s always fun to look at the search logs.  Since I’ve been tracking it, here are the most popular queries that will land you on ShakespeareGeek: 1)  Romeo’s last words  – Somebody explained this one to me. It’s a popular crossword puzzle clue.  The answer is “I die.” 2) Elizabethan recipes – I’ve never understood the popularity of this one.  I think it’s because I’m one of the few links for it in Google, so there’s little competition.  My stats also show that nobody really goes on to buy anything from the shop mentioned in that post, so maybe it’s just a curiosity?  Who knows. 3) Megan Fox tattoo – It makes me happy that a very hot girl has a tattoo that happens to be a quote from King Lear. 4) How old is Romeo – I’m glad we had a pretty in depth discussion on this one, because it’s one of those indirect questions where you’ve always assumed you had the right answer (Juliet is 13, therefore Romeo must be 13, right?) until you give it some thought and say “You know, it never actually says he’s 13…” 5) Simpsons Hamlet – Who is typing this, ya think?  Simpsons fans who recognize their Shakespeare, or Shakespeare fans who watch The Simpsons?   I’m also intriged by #6, which is in fact “Shakespeare geek“.  Not sure if that was the sort of thing people type anyway, or if they are actually looking for little old me, but I’m happy to see so many links pop up :).

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