I'm Sorry, Did You Say 8th Graders?

http://www.shakespeareteacher.com/blog/archives/476 Well, ShakespeareTeacher has officially impressed me.  I don’t think I even got to see Shakespeare until 9th grade, and even then it was all Taming of the Shrew / Julius Caesar / Romeo and Juliet.  He’s got a class not only doing Cymbeline, but filming an entire talk show about it – including an alternate ending, and a commercial for a Cymbeline video game!  Wow.  Most people you meet who know anything about Shakespeare will still never know, sometimes never have even heard of, Cymbeline. Video included at the link, although I wish the sound was better.  I have to crank it up to max to hear the individual students, but then the overwhelming noise of the applause blows my eardrums out.  But that’s pretty standard for a no frills auditorium shoot, can’t really fault him (or the kids) for that.

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3 thoughts on “I'm Sorry, Did You Say 8th Graders?

  1. Hey, thanks for the link, and the kind words.

    I was only introduced to Cymbeline about five years ago, but I am a huge fan and think the play is really underrated.

    It’s also violent and racy, so the 8th graders really went for it.

  2. great link, and i’m so adding them to our links page for Rebel.

    you’re my hero, with all you’re great resources!!!

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