What Is Reduced Shakespeare Company?

I’m not asking, I know what it is.  That’s a Jeopardy reference, you see….

  You’ve got to love how badly the contestants mess up as soon as they stray from the “standard” plays.  Like the guy who guesses All’s Well That Ends Well when the actual answer is Richard III!

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7 thoughts on “What Is Reduced Shakespeare Company?

  1. That’s a LOT funnier than the RSC stuff I’m used to seeing! I guess because they’re assuming (or challenging) a certain level of actual knowledge of the plays, rather than the beauty-school dropout level of intellect I’m used to them doing.

  2. I’m proud to say I did get them all, although Titus had me boggled until the very end of the skit. I thought Richard 3 was a dead giveaway, though.

  3. the only one i blew was titus.

    oh! that’s what she said!

    totally uncalled for.

    I can’t believe that guy got Richard III wrong when he HAD A HUNCHBACK right there in the very beginning. Doh? really

  4. I also messed up with Titus, but those were really cool! I loved the Reduced Shakespeare Co. Compleat Wrks is a wonderful play. I should also watch jeopardy more often. Thanks for sharing! This was really cool.

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