Shakespeare Riots?

So a coworker comes over to my cube today and says, “Surely you’ve heard about the Shakespeare Riots?” No, I had not. I see there’s a book about it – some scuffle in 1849 that resulted in 100 people wounded and 20 dead at Astor Place in New York City. Anybody know the scoop?

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4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Riots?

  1. This was on NPR. Recently. The book has gotten decent reviews.

    The two actors were associated with different gangs. This was during the Gangs of New York heydays. One actor was favored by the lower classes and was an upstart sort of guy. The other was favored by the upper echalon and was a serious, trained actor.

    Both actors were very successful and toured by North America and Europe performing Shakespeare to huge audiences.

  2. hmmm, looks like blogger doesn’t allow links in comments. fair enough. just search for Shakespeare on

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