Vote For The Shakespeare Hall Of Fame I like the idea.  Loses major credibility for including Leonardo DiCaprio, who no matter how good he may or may not have been as Romeo still really has just the one credit to his name – but maybe they felt the need to pull in the younger crowd? What’s cooler is that we get to vote on the remaining member. But how could it *not* be John Gielgud?  He gets my vote. UPDATE:  The results make it look like David Tennant is a shoe-in.  That upsets me, I hate popularity contests.  I’m sure the Dr. Who guy is a fine Shakespearean actor, but I mean come on, Gielgud was doing Shakespeare longer than Tennant’s been alive!

3 thoughts on “Vote For The Shakespeare Hall Of Fame

  1. Great blog! I must admit that I’m a huge Shakespeare Geek. Have you ever been to Stratford Ontario Canada? I work for the Stratford Shakespeare Festival there and must say I love it and wouldn’t want to work any other place. I’ll be keeping my eye on your blog.

  2. I agree with you, Duane, Gielgud should be a shoe in, and if not him, at least Peter Brook should be there. Ah, well, the geeks never win out.

  3. amusings_bnl says:

    am i the only one who actually likes baz' "R&J" who is over the age of 40? it's not my FAVORITE shakespeare, but i think that it gets a bad rap.

    Hey "thatsthebook," if you work at stratford, did you get to meet Barenaked Ladies when Steven Page did the score for As you like it? I have the CD and we wanted so badly to come up and see it during its run. i think he did really beautiful music for the production…

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