Love is Blind?

Random idea I just tripped over : Would it be possible, without completely destroying major parts of the script, to play Juliet as blind?  I can imagine it really heightening the various scenes where they are apart – if he’s not physically in contact with her, he might as well be a million miles away.  Not to mention really emphasizing her dependence on the others around her.  When she wakes up in the tomb that’d be particularly scary, until she feels Romeo there beside her, and has to figure out that he’s dead. Just something that hit me.  Somebody on Twitter said how could you play Juliet more vulnerable, and that leapt out at me.

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One thought on “Love is Blind?

  1. That idea is awesome. I'm getting that excited feeling in my gut when I'm struck with an amazing concept. The same thing when I see an inspired movie or when working in theatre.

    I directed a production of R&J two years ago where the setting was based on Lord of the Flies. The idea worked on so many levels that I still get weepy when I hear the soundtrack. Your idea for a blind Juliet is just as elegant. I love it.

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