New Works Discovered?? Funny I should mention “Arden of Faversham” just yesterday, innit?  Here we have a new scholar, Dr. John Cosson, with a new book called “Enter Pursued By A Bear.”  Cute title. Some of his “discoveries” include: Shakespeare’s first published poem, the Phaeton sonnet, his first comedy, Mucedorus, and his first tragedies, Locrine and Arden of Faversham. I truthfully don’t know how to parse that – is “the Phaeton sonnet” the name of the poem, or an independent thing? Anyway, he’ll also present evidence that Cardenio is a genuine work by Shakespeare and John Fletcher. I suppose we can chalk this up to yet another variation of conspiracy / authorship theories, but still, it’s interesting.  Doesn’t say much for the topic, though, that the article switches to coverage of the Cobbe portrait for the last 3 paragraphs.

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