Ripped From Elizabethan Headlines We last wrote about Alice Arden back in 2006, in reference to a possibly-Shakespeare worked called “Arden of Faversham”. The article linked here, in “Executed” no less, details the murder of Thomas Arden by his wife, Alice, and her lover, Richard Mosby.  Apparently they did him Rasputin-style :  poisoned, strangled with a towel, smash with a 14pound pressing iron, and stabbed 7 or 8 times. Every time I hear “Arden” I can’t help but think they are related to Shakespeare.  Remember that Shakespeare’s mom was Mary Arden. 

2 thoughts on “Ripped From Elizabethan Headlines

  1. amusings_bnl says:

    i can hear the "Law & Order" scene introduction noise now.

    we are watching the In Search of Shakespeare show on PBS, and learned a lot about the Ardens in the last episode. my 12 yr old son was fascinated that you could be put in jail and executed for slandering the queen, and your whole family killed along with you.

    that kind of thing NEVER crossed his little mind. he's learning a lot about back in the day law and order …

  2. They called it the Patriot Act, and simply branded anybody who slandered the Queen a “terrorist”, and shipped them off to…

    ..oh, wait. That never happens.


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