Announcing BaconGeek ! You people have no idea how many emails I get about Authorship questions.  I feel bad calling them all loonies – after all, most of them want to get into a deep conversation on the subject and honestly I don’t have nearly enough knowledge to debate it.  Quite frankly some of them make a compelling case. So I’m happy to announce that I’ve set up a new site to deal with that whole issue, and just basically get it off our plates altogether (and to give me a place to learn more about the subject).  And who better to symbolize the Authorship question than Sir Francis Bacon himself?  After all, it was Delia Bacon (no relation) who originally asked the question, and suggested Sir Francis as the author.  I thought it a fitting tribute. On the new site I will do my best to pay equal time to all of the authorship theories, not just Bacon.  Feel free to stop by, no matter your opinion on who wrote what.  Try to keep an open mind, huh?  I know I will.

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4 thoughts on “Announcing BaconGeek !

  1. Hurray! πŸ™‚

    I hope the good folks over at Bacon, Inc check their web logs and wonder why the heck they’re suddenly getting Shakespeare referrals πŸ™‚

  2. Don't study Bacon as the author.

    That's old news. It was close, but the bullet missed the target.

    Go to Edward de Vere, earl of Oxford.

    Start with his shakespearian sonnet "Love thy Choice" (1571) and follow the rabbit until you get to the burrow. Then, you will see that De Vere is behind Gascoigne, Greene, Lyly, Marlowe and Spencer and many more (as in "the Sonnet craze" described by Joe Sobran).

    As it occurs with Fernando Pessoa, De Vere did not have just one pseudonym. He had lots of heteronyms. The hunt has just started.

    Go to Nina Greene site at

    Enjoy the ride…

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