Mackers…..James Mackers

Dear Orson Welles, When you need a Scottish accent for a Shakespeare play, don’t fake it.  Just get the man himself, Sean Connery:

  Here’s a guy who’s played nothing *but* a Scottish accent his entire career!  Seems only logical that he would have done the Scottish Play at one point or another. (To be fair, I hear Mr. Connery is actually very good in the recently released Age Of Kings DVD collection.)   “Sean Connery stars in the movie the Highlander, about the eternal Scottish warrior, and he plays a *Spaniard*.  Doesn’t anybody think about this stuff at all?”   -Craig Ferguson

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4 thoughts on “Mackers…..James Mackers

  1. Hey, other…..famous…clown guy!

    I’m imagining, since he was born in 1930, that he’d be about 18 in 1948.

    And since Age Of Kings was from 1960, this clip from 1961, and Highlander was 1986, I really have no idea the significance of 1948?

  2. 1948–Orson Welles plays Macbeth in the film. Welles was 33.

    Connery joined the navy at 16–in 1950 Sean Connery was a serious entry into the Mr. Universe contest. If you’ve seen any pictures of him between around that time, it’s not inconceivable that he might have been cast as the Scottish King–put a beard on him. Speaking of ‘awareness’, I didn’t take Craig’s comment:
    “Dear Orson Welles, When you need a Scottish accent for a Shakespeare play, don’t fake it. Just get the man himself, Sean Connery”
    literally anyway. The real “point” here, I think, is why any sort of denigration has to enter into any discussion here. If someone has info I don’t, this is the place for them to pass it on–and thanks!–not hurl epithets…”Anonymously”

  3. Is *that* what he was talking about? The Connery was too young for Welles’ Macbeth movie?

    Jesus H Frickin Jones on a Pogostick, man – it’s called a joke.

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