Remember The Guy That Stole The First Folio? Apparently he’s getting his day in court.  Man, the guy looks like an absolute flake.  I’d like to get a closeup of those buttons/stickers on his jacket. Here’s the original story on the theft, and capture.  Seems the eccentric Mr. Scott just walked into the Folger one day and asked them to verify/date “his” Folio.  He apparently did not realize that every Folio in existence has been micro-catalogued for every last smudge and tear on each page, so while they said “You just sit there for *one* sec, ‘k?” it took them no time at all to identify “his” Folio as the one stolen from Durham University. Where’d he get it?  Why, a friend in Cuba, of course. You know, it just dawns on me that Obama just recently eased restrictions on travel to Cuba.  Wouldn’t it be funny to tell the guy “Get your coat, we’re going to meet your friend.”  I’d like to see how the story changes! I know I’ve got some Folger folks that read the blog, I wonder if there’s anybody that was directly connected to the story that can share any good gossip?  I would love to talk to the person who he handed the book to!

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2 thoughts on “Remember The Guy That Stole The First Folio?

  1. Aw man, at first I thought that the crazy thief was the one with the blog! I was *so* gonna subscribe to that. (It’s actually a blog by a different Raymond Scott, pointing out the eccentric one getting all the press lately.)

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