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Just reminding folks that Marie over at Sourcebooks Shakespeare was kind enough to donate *2* book+CD packages for me to giveaway here on Shakespeare Geek.  Read my reviews here and here.  I’ll hit the highlights:  Focused primarily on Shakespeare in performance, these books provide a very well formatted and edited version of each play, accompanied by liberal notes including not just the standard glossary, but editorial comments about why certain decisions were made, anecdotes about famous interpretations of the scene in question, and screen shots from movies and stage of famous portrayals.  And then there’s the accompanying audio, “hyperlinked” (as best you can in a paper book!) to tracks on the accompanying audio CD.  So when you get to the heath, you get to hear for yourself a few different versions of how it has been interpreted.  Of course, that’s the King Lear example – Marie’s actually offered to let my winners pick which play they want from the Sourcebooks catalog, which includes most of the major works. Quick reminder of the rules! 1) Follow @ShakespeareGeek on Twitter.  I’ll need to be able to message you in case you win.  In case it wasn’t obvious, you have to be willing to provide a mailing address so we can actually send the book. 2) As the saying goes, "retweet” this specific link, swapping in the name of the book you’d prefer if you win.  You don’t have to call it “my favorite play” or anything, I just need to keep track of who is voting for which books.  Please use the link I’ve provided, do not just link to the main blog post, it may not be picked up by my filters. 3) That’s it!  I’ll keep track of contest entries and then choose 2 randomly from those received by midnight (EST), April 22.  That meaning the midnight at the close of 4/22, before 4/23, lest there be any confusion. 4) Winners will be notified by Twitter direct message (DM) so please make sure you keep that channel open and check it regularly, at least until contest winners are announced on the blog. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET STEP TWO!  I get new Twitter followers every day, and I have no idea which of them want to be entered into the contest unless they follow it up with the request retweet.  You do not want me to just enter every new followed into the contest, that will drastically cut down the chances of winning for people who do actually want the books, so please RT the message so I can keep track.  Thanks!!

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