Got Sonnet Questions? Ask the Author!

(Well no, not that author, he’s kinda dead.) I’m talking about regular Shakespeare Geek contributor Carl Atkins, who also happens to be the author of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: With Three Hundred Years of Commentary.   It’s no secret to regular readers that every time the sonnets come up, Carl’s up for some research and discussion.I’ve always wondered if I eventually write a post about all 154 sonnets, Carl will end up cutting and pasting his entire book here in the comments :). Anyway, for awhile now I’ve been promising Carl a “meet the author” segment where we do a more detailed interview.  Instead of me coming up with a list of questions I’m interested in, though, I thought it might be fun to get some from the audience as well.  What’s most interesting to you?  The Dark Lady?  Homosexual undertones?  How Mr.Thorpe got his hands on the sonnets in the first place?  Whether they were ever intended for publication? Send me your questions, either via email to or Twitter message.  No fun posting them here for Carl to see and spoiling the surprise.  When I get a bunch I’ll send them along and compile Carl’s answers into the promised “Meet the Author” segment. Note :  I have no idea how many questions I’ll get, so I do have to say that I can’t promise every question will get answered.  We’ll try, but I don’t want anybody to feel left out if I get 50 different questions and can’t use them all.  Both Carl and I have full time day jobs, after all – and he’s a doctor!

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