England Teaches America

I’m not quite sure the history of this piece, but I’m greatly enjoying it.  And, I’d like to think, getting most of the jokes :)!

“I don’t get it. Othello smothers Desdemona with a pillow, right?”
England nods.
“But then Emilia comes in and asks who did this to her, and she says nobody; I, myself. Which means he’s stopped smothering her. Which means she can breathe again. Which means she shouldn’t be dying at all!”
“No, she has to die. The tragic form demands it.”

Credit and applause go to … puella nuerdi?  I never did understand LiveJournal names. Anyway, go check it out.  Great, original, entertaining stuff.  A massive undertaking that has something snarky to say about just about all of the plays. http://puella-nerdii.livejournal.com/114125.html

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2 thoughts on “England Teaches America

  1. The Lj username Puella Nerdii is derived from Latin. Puella means girl. Then the user converted Nerd into a Latin word. Puella Nerdii then means Girl of Nerd or probably more accurately Girl of Nerdiness. It's difficult to say because Nerdius is not a real word.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share because I thought it was quite a cute name and you mentioned not getting it.

    Thank you so much for sharing. It was quite amusing. I laughed so hard reading it that my boyfriend in the other room came to see what was the matter.

    I particularly liked the bit about Hamlet and Harold Bloom. Oh, and the nunnery bit. She so accurately captured everyone's reaction to that.

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