It’s just been pointed out to me (Thanks, JaneFan!) that I had inadvertently spammed the living heck out of my readers by dumping about a dozen ad blocks on the page.  Sorry about that, that was most definitely a mistake.  Blogger (where I’ve always hosted this site) introduced some new templates over the weekend, and I was playing with them.  Some folks may have even noticed downtime I think it was Friday night while I tried some out and quickly reverted. At one point I discovered that I’d lost all my “gadgets”, and was trying to put them back.  I do remember trying to put in an AdSense link and having it not work, no matter how hard I tried. Looks like it was working and somehow I just wasn’t seeing it, and I ended up adding a whole bunch more than I intended. Sorry once again!  There are adsense links on the page, don’t hate me for that (would you rather I beg for PayPal donations?), but if you run ad-block you won’t see them anyway :).  But no, I never intended to turn the site into ad central like that.  No point in it!

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