Update : Julie Taymor's Tempest, Coming In December

We’ve been talking about Julie Taymor’s Tempest, starring Helen Mirren as a role-reversed Prospera, since 2008.  Last year when Disney’s Miramax division went defunct, the fate of this project was up in the air.

Well, I’m happy to report that it looks ready for release in December under the Touchstone banner, instead.  Hurray!  Article doesn’t have much other than an explanation of the plot, but it does have a picture of Prospera if you’re interested.

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One thought on “Update : Julie Taymor's Tempest, Coming In December

  1. Now, all of Prospero's problems apparently ensue, in the words of Taymor, because "She had her whole life taken away from her because she was a woman."
    Here we go again.
    I love Helen Mirren but…

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