He’s Coming …

So I get a call last week from a big movie studio.  They’ve got a new DVD release coming up next week and wanted to know if I’d like a review copy. I said that I would not be able to do the review (for reasons I will unveil later), but since I love you people so much I immediately asked for, and got,  giveaway copies. The only catch is I can’t tell you what it is until next week. So … watch this space!

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5 thoughts on “He’s Coming …

  1. Hey, Shakespeare Geek.

    I would love a copy to review for BiteThumbnails.com if you are up for sharing. I can't wait to see what it is!

    Love the site. Thanks!
    – Elizabeth

  2. Oh god! Ooh… So if it's not the obvious "he", I'm guessing it's either not Hamlet or not Shakespeare himself. Just a hint, please? 🙂

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