iPad Shakespeare in Bits Giveaway : Winners!

Well, remind me not to run a contest over the long Labor Day Weekend again, will ya?  I’ve got 3 codes to give away and 4 people entered (not counting the couple I was forced to deny because they came in late).  What that does go to show is that you should always enter these things, you never know how good your odds are going to be. Could I get readers CSG, Kathryn Anderson and KLK to email me, and I’ll send along your promo codes! Please note that these are strictly controlled by Apple (not the software author), and they do have an activation expiration.  That is, they need to be collected and used within the next week or so or they will cease to exist.  Once you activate the software it is yours to keep, but the code itself does have a time limit. Congratulations to my winners!  Andrea, as a consolation prize I’m able to offer a code for the PC version of the software if you’d like it.  I feel bad that I basically had to pick one person not to win.  I did try to argue for more codes, but like I said, they are controlled by Apple, not the developer, and their hands are tied.  If you’d like a free copy of the PC version, please email me as well. Thanks for playing, everybody! And for the rest of you, get off your butts next time, huh?  The only way places will keep giving me stuff to giveaway is if it generates interest in the product!

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