No Twilight Hamlet?

This might be good news, depending on how you feel about the latest trend in Vampire movies. Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the Twilight movie(s?), was supposed to direct Emile Hirsch in her modern retelling of Hamlet, dubbed ‘Haml3t’.

Not so fast.

I’m at least a little torn. I want there to be more Shakespeare movies, I said so in our “Shakespeare Stimulus” discussion a little while back. We’ve got The Tempest coming, and Coriolanus hot on its heels. But I worry about too many overly modernized Hamlets. Why not go do Winter’s Tale or something else where you can make your mark?

One thought on “No Twilight Hamlet?

  1. As Emile would say, "Like you know, like really, like, bummer dude."

    As for me? I'm like, you know, like so not upset.

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