Regular readers know that I’ll often sing “Shakespeare songs” to my kids as lullabies. I know two — Sonnet 18, which I originally heard put to music by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd (and used to use as my cellphone ringtone), and “What A Piece of Work Is Man” from the HAIR soundtrack.
So last night I crawl into bed with the 4yr old. “Daddy sing you a song?” I asked.
“Yes,” he replied.
“What song should I sing?”
“Shakespeare,” he said
“Which one?” I asked
“William,” he answered.

You know that thing that fish do when you take them out of the water, how the little mouth just sort of opens and closes and nothing really comes out? I had one of those moments. It took me a good number of seconds to shake it off and regain myself. “Which Shakespeare song,” I asked more clearly.
“The one about the guy? With the skeleton? And he talks to it?”
“Yeah, Hamlet.”
Ah, back to reality. 🙂

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