Apparently, I Do Interviews

So this is interesting. A few weeks back a teacher contacted me and asked whether her Shakespeare class could interview me, videoconference-style, over Skype. They’ve been trying to make more use of technology in the classroom and stumbled across little ol’ me.
As a technologist and a Shakespeareist (? :)), I love that idea and immediately said Sure. Truthfully I know a woman who teaches Romeo and Juliet, local to me, and I’ve always secretly hoped that one day she’d invite me in to talk to her class. That’s never going to happen for a wide variety of reasons, but doing a Skype call? Why not?
Thus far, due to various technology and bureaucracy problems (translated: firewalls are a pain), this project hasn’t happened. But it’s not dead yet, just dormant until the next semester.
While we wait, though, I wanted to throw that idea out there. If there’s any teachers of Shakespeare who’d also like to make use of some technology in their classroom and interview a Shakespeare geek, I’m open to the idea. Contact me. 🙂

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