Puzzle Winner!

Did everyone enjoy last weeks puzzle? How did you do? I promised to announce the name of the winner and that person is … Alexi! I hope he doesn’t mind, since he sent me the following for a different topic, but here’s a little about Alexi (who you’ve probably spotted in the comments section on a regular basis):

Alexi is an aspiring thespian and director from Philadelphia. Alexi is a high school senior whose interests include Shakespeare, card games, and writing about himself in third person.

Alexi actually got all 50 names in a matter of hours from the time I posted, which either made the puzzle too easy or makes him a serious puzzle geek ;). Great job, Alexi – I’m currently working on an even harder puzzle. Now stop procrastinating and do your homework. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Puzzle Winner!

  1. Wow, over 4 years ago. Way to make me feel old! 🙂

    Now I'm torn, though, as I have the answer (which I had to recreate, it's not like I kept it around!) but I still don't like spoiling the fun for others. I bet Alexi's already solved it, though 🙂

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